The Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center is an open-air folklife museum and research center dedicated to preserving and celebrating Pennsylvania German folk culture, history, and language in a unique educational setting at Kutztown University.



The museum collections at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University preserve the vibrant and unique material culture of the Pennsylvania Dutch and the broader folk culture of Pennsylvania over three centuries.

An exhibition of contemporary artistic works and historic artifacts celebrating the life and legend of Anna Maria Young (1744-1819), also known as Mountain Mary.

An exploration of Pennsylvania German illuminated manuscripts and devotional texts.

The Jacky Riley Collection of Barn Star Paintings documents the decorated barns of the region.

A traditional geometric barn star design in yellow and black.
An exploration of the region’s unique decorated barns and agricultural murals indigenous to the Pennsylvania Dutch folk culture.

Explore the ritual healing traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch culture, known as Braucherei or powwowing.