The Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center is an open-air folklife museum and research center dedicated to preserving and celebrating Pennsylvania German folk culture, history, and language in a unique educational setting at Kutztown University.


Barnstorming In Eastern Pennsylvania and Beyond, By Jeffrey L. Marshall

Volume IX of the Annual Publication Series of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center, Kutztown University

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In Barnstorming in Eastern Pennsylvania & Beyond, Jeffrey L.Marshall explores this quintessentially American structure through the eyes of a barnstormer, in colorful photo essays and plain language, which will appeal to a broad range of audiences at every level of interest, from the academician to the hobbyist. Sharing forty years of fieldwork as a regional leader in historic preservation, Jeffrey explores the wide range of experiences, meanings, and discoveries that take place within the barns of the region. He introduces ways to identify and understand unique barn forms and functions,with special emphasis placed upon details of use and significance in farming operations. Balancing historical and regional terminology with contemporary interpretations,Jeffrey navigates the complexity of Pennsylvania’s barns while avoiding rigid classification systems and excessive jargon. Whether in distinctive framing patterns or adaptive reuse of old timbers; in marks left behind by farmhands or formal date stone inscriptions; or in ventilators executed in wood, brick, or stone, Jeffrey’s intellectual curiosity and collaborative approach to interpreting barn architecture is at once accessible and refreshing.

To pre-order your copy of Volume IX of the Annual Publication Series, click here for a printable order form.

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